Handicap Showers

A Handicap Access Shower is easier to get in and out of than a conventional shower or a walk in bathtub.

Installing a walk in shower design with a floor at the same level as the bathroom allows seniors to enjoy safe and comfortable bathrooms without sacrificing style.

Eliminating the ‘curb’ helps people with limited mobility to walk into the shower or for a wheelchair to be rolled directly into the shower over a collapsible water container.

It is easier for caregivers to assist in transfers in a roomy accessible shower. The Eight-inch tile look wall pattern offers no grout cleaning hassles.

Handicap Access Showers are safe and comfortable for people of all abilities and increase your freedom and independence in bathing.


brenda handicap shower testimonial

Brenda who lives in Portland, Oregon believed she would need to move from her home of 43 years because she was no longer able to safely use the bathtub.

Instead Brenda replaced her bathtub with a handicap shower and to minimize her cost she installed a pre-fabricated unit, which was easily accommodated by her existing plumbing. Brenda looked at walk in bathtubs, but preferred the handicapped shower idea.

The new shower took only 2 days to install and Brenda was able to shower safety in the home she loved.

For additional comfort Brenda added a shower safety grab bars, a shower chair and a hand held showerhead, which mounts to a slide bar. An additional benefit was when Brenda’s grandchildren came to stay they also could easily use the shower as the showerhead was adjusted to their height with no trouble.

Handicap Access Remodeling

A barrier-free handicap shower stall can be installed where your bathtub is today, with minimal renovation disruptions. A skilled tradesman can typically install a barrier-free shower in 2-3 days.





Your new barrier-free shower is helpful to people of diverse abilities, from an elderly parent with limited mobility to an agile teenager. Universal design principles offer better access for all users.

Handicap Access Showers come in different models and sizes. First decide if you need a multi-piece or one-piece shower unit? A one-piece is typically for new construction or additions when bringing the shower into the house is not a problem.

barrier free

Handicap Access Shower Features

Handicap Access Shower s are constructed of fiberglass with full plywood reinforcement in all walls for outstanding strength. The strong design, easily supports the customized installation of fixtures (taps and showerheads), grab bars and shower chairs.

A luxurious attractive gelcoat finish is durable and scrubable.

Eight-inch tile look wall pattern offers no grout cleaning hassles.

Available in four colors with numerous color accent tile options.

The Handicap Access Shower Pans, are included with HAS Showers and also available to be purchased individually.

The handicap shower pans have slip resistant self-supporting pre-leveled bottom allowing you to do snap in style installation without any mud setting.

A variety of threshold styles are available to accommodate your individual needs.


Multi-piece Handicap Access Shower

Multi-piece shower stalls are for bathroom remodels to an existing home, as a one-piece shower will not fit through the doorway.

Multi-piece Handicap Access Showers are often used for replacing existing bathtubs, or for other projects such as adding a shower to the main floor.

It is important to know the space you want your shower to fit into and where the drain is located.

shower diagram

5 piece Handicap Access Shower

shower diagram

3-piece corner unit with non-skid, self-draining ramp kit

One Piece Handicap Access Showers

One-piece shower units are for room additions or new construction because they most often do not fit through existing doors.

One-piece showers are more economical and are ideal to add to a new home or bathroom addition.

shower diagram

Single-piece handicap access shower

Handicap Access Shower Pans

Many people will buy an ADA compliant Handicap Access Shower Pan to provide a snap in solution for the shower base.

This barrier-free pan can be combined with ceramic tile walls for a beautiful custom accessible shower.

The handicap shower pans have slip resistant self-supporting pre-leveled bottom allowing you to do snap in style installation without any mud setting.

An ADA shower pan ensures ultra-low thresholds for easy access.

shower base
shower base

Handicap Access Shower (HAS) Pricing

You can shower in your own accessible shower..

Prices start at $949 for one-piece HAS

$1,298 for bathtub replacements and

$409 for a Handicap Access Shower Pan

Prices do include accessories, shipping & installation.

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Email us at info@AccessibilityPro.com

shower bench


elderly couple

George and his wife Lillian live in Orlando, Florida. George has fallen and now uses a walker for stability both outdoors and in the home. George cannot step into and out of the tub.

George is not comfortable allowing anyone but Lillian to assist him with his bathing needs. Lillian is a slight woman and cannot support George’s weight.

After installing a handicap shower George is able to take his walker right into the shower and use the shower seat. Lillian can easily assist George, however with the use of bathroom safety grab bars and a shower chair for the elderly George has been able to shower without assistance.

Our showers are ADA compliant and come with a 3 year manufacturers limited warranty, on defects for three years from purchase date for the fiberglass shell. Any accessories or jetting parts are subject to the particular manufacturer’s warranty.

Shower units meet UL and CSA standards for safety and have been tested to meet industry fire rating standards.

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